Composers without date of death

Below is a list of composers born more than 80 years ago, but without a date of death. Of course these composers may very well still be alive, but this list may be helpful for finding incomplete data on this site. Let me know if you can complete any information.

Haruna Miyake 1942 Japan
Yevhen Stankovych 1942 Ukraine
Canary Burton 1942 United States
Tomás Marco 1942 Spain
Norman Mathews 1942 United States
Magne Amdahl 1942 Norway
Brian Cherney 1942 Canada
Philip Goddard 1942 England
Herbert Distel 1942 Switzerland
Saegusa Shigeaki 1942 Japan
Jurgis Juozapaitis 1942 Lithuania
John McGuire 1942 United States
Thom Ritter George 1942 United States
Elis Pehkonen 1942 England
Bernard Wystraete 1942 France
Birgitte Alsted 1942 Denmark
Alain Moene 1942 France
Priscilla Maclean 1942 United States
Philip Bračanin 1942 Australia
Guy Bovet 1942 Switzerland
Clovis Pereira 1942 Brésil
Gerald M. Shapiro 1942 United States
Jorge Antunes 1942 Brésil
Jon Mostad 1942 Norway
Michael W. Ranta 1942 United States
Bill Conti 1942 United States
Neithard Bethke 1942 Germany
Jorge Ben 1942 Brésil
Daniel Lentz 1942 United States
John Cale 1942 Wales
Toninho Ramos 1942 Brésil
Milos Stedron 1942 Czech Republic
Alan Heard 1942 Canada
Gabriel Brncic 1942 Chili
Graham Nash 1942 United States, England
Petr Kotik 1942 Czech Republic
Diane Thome 1942 United States
Ulf Grahn 1942 Sweden
John McLaughlin 1942 England
Guy Besancon 1942
John Michael Luther 1942 United States
Bill Douglas 1942
Philip Spratley 1942 England
Nicholas Marshall 1942 England
George Couroupos 1942 Greece
Michel Zbar 1942
Gérald Near 1942 United States
Gerald Bennett 1942 United States
Helen Fisher 1942 New Zealand
Richard James Brooks 1942 United States