Composers without date of death

Below is a list of composers born more than 80 years ago, but without a date of death. Of course these composers may very well still be alive, but this list may be helpful for finding incomplete data on this site. Let me know if you can complete any information.

Paul Hoffert 1943 United States
Jörg Herchet 1943 Germany
Fritz Voegelin 1943 Switzerland
Antônio Cesar Camargo Mariano 1943 Brésil
Imant Raminsh 1943 Latvia, Canada
Schin Ichiro Ikebe 1943 Japan
Edward Cowie 1943 England
Solange Ancona 1943 France
Krzysztov Meyer 1943 Poland
Michèle Bokanowski 1943 France
Daniel Bortz 1943 Sweden
Anne Lauber 1943 Switzerland, Canada
Félix Ibarrondo 1943 France
André Gouzes 1943 France
Maestro Ilayaraaja 1943 India
Lukas Matousek 1943 Czechoslovakia
Joanna Bruzdowicz 1943 Poland
Tania Justina Leon 1943 Cuba
Marcel de Jonghe 1943 Belgium
Yoav Talmi 1943 Israel
Alejandro Nunez Allauca 1943 Peru
Jacques Bank 1943 Netherlands
Young Jo Lee 1943 Korea
James E. Curnow 1943 United States
Roland Moser 1943 Switzerland
Jorge Pítari 1943 Argentine
Frank Denyer 1943 England
Julio Estrada 1943 Mexique
Marta Ptaszynska 1943 Poland
Petr Fiala 1943
László Dubrovay 1943 Hungary
Joseph Schwantner 1943 United States
Pril Smiley 1943 United States
Adrian Jack 1943 England
Greg Henry Waters 1943 United States
Stephen Montague 1943 United States
Gregory Levin 1943 Canada, United States
David Matthews 1943 England
Charles Harold Bernstein 1943 United States
Costin Miereanu 1943 France, Romania
Morten Lauridsen 1943 United States
Stephen Douglas Burton 1943 United States
Etsuko Hori 1943 Japan
Alice Shields 1943 United States
Gunner Moller Pedersen 1943 Denmark
Renaud Francois 1943 France
Horacio Vaggione 1943 Argentine
Gavin Bryars 1943
Brian Ferneyhough 1943 England
Fred Lerdahl 1943 United States