Premieres today

Claudio Monteverdi (1607) hace 417 años
Premiere of Orfeo, in Mantua, Italy.
Georg Friedrich Händel (1711) hace 313 años
Premiere of Rinaldo, in London, England.
Edvard Grieg (1876) hace 148 años
Premiere of the Peer Gynt play music in Christiana Theatre, Christiana (Oslo), Norway, with Grieg conducting.
Roy Harris (1939) hace 85 años
Premiere of Symphony no. 3, in Boston, USA.
Alban Berg, Friedrich Cerha (1979) hace 45 años
Premiere of Berg's Lulu (completed by Cerha), in Paris, France.
Peter Wallin (2020) hace 4 años
First performance of "33 Bars No. 24" (Version for 2)