20 years of collecting composers

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It started 20 years ago

In August 1995 I created my first website, which I named the "Classical Composers Database". Two months later I posted a message in a newsgroup to announce the site, asking the Internet community to contribute to it. The original message can still be read here:!topic/

Now, twenty years later, the website still exists. It has been renamed Musicalics, and has also evolved and grown enormously: from about 700 composers then to more than 26000 today.

I hope to be able to continue with this project for a long time to come, with your ongoing help and support!

How to add more compositions

In a previous newsletter I announced that it is possible to add compositions to a composer page when you are logged in. It turned out that this did not yet behave correctly. It should now work as intended.

I invite you all to try adding new compositions if you think that the list for a composer is not complete. Let me know if you need help.

MusicAtlas update

The MusicAtlas has had some restyling. The introduction page now has an improved layout, which will hopefully make it easier for you to find your way around the thousands of music places that are available.

Adding concert announcements

Remember: you can add your concert announcements to the website. This is a free service for all members of Musicalics. You can read more about it in a previous newsletter.

Your editor,
Jos Smeets