MusicAtlas places for Paris

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Music on vacation

When on vacation, do you also like visiting music-related places like a composer's birthplace, house, or statue? Or maybe a museum with musical instruments, a church with an important organ? Or want to visit a concert in a famous concert hall? The MusicAtlas, which has been part of Musicalics (Classical Composers Database) since 2008, and which contains information for many European countries, can help you with this.

Paris music places now added

Just in time for the Summer holidays I have now added hundreds of MusicAtlas places for Paris, many of them with photos. Paris has always attracted many artists, so you will find plenty of composer and music places to visit there.

No plans to go to Paris? The MusicAtlas can guide you to a large amount of other places.

If you encounter missing places on your travels, or know of any additions or corrections, then let me know. More photos of music places are also welcome.

Adding concert announcements

Remember: you can add your concert announcements to the website. This is a free service for all members of Musicalics. You can read more about it in a previous newsletter.

Your editor,
Jos Smeets