Prestigious prize for Ferneyhough

Domenica, Febbraio 4, 2007 - 14:59
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Brian Ferneyhough

The prestigious Siemens prize for 2007 (named for Ernst Werner von Siemens, the German inventor and industrialist who founded the company that would later be known as Siemens AG) is rewarded to British composer Brian Ferneyhough.

According to the Jury Ferneyhough has "rethought and illuminated the myriad possibilities of manipulating musical material and stretched these possibilities to their limits".

The prize, valued at €200,000, will be presented to the composer in Munich, Germany, on May 3.

Brian Ferneyhough's modernistic compositions are known to be very demanding for the musicians that have to perform them.

[source: www.cbc.ca]

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