Daniel Catán dies unexpectedly

Mardi, Avril 12, 2011 - 13:57
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The Mexican composer Daniel Catán died unexpectedly in Houston, TX, last Saturday. He was in the USA to teach a semester at UT Austin Butler School of Music.

Catán had just attended the rehearsals of his opera Il Postino, featuring Placido Domingo in the main role, in Houston. Il Postino, Catán's latest opera, was premiered by the Los Angeles Opera last September.

As a composer Catán was known for his operas, but he also composed orchestral and chamber works, as well as film music. He wrote in a neo-impressionist style, his music being richly lyrical, often painting evocative colours with the orchestral palette with soaring melodies atop.

[source: www.artsjournal.com]

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