Memorial park for Isang Yun

Mardi, Mars 23, 2010 - 14:29
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Isang Yun

In his town of birth, Tongyeong in South Korea, a memorial was opened for composer Isang Yun. Yun’s daughter Yun-jeong and his brother Dong-hwa both attended the opening.

On display are, amongst other, the composer’s cello, his passport, a miniature Korean national flag he carried in the pocket, hand-written letters and cards to his families. There are also some musical scores.

There is also a bust of Yun, made in North Korea. It took nine months before it made its way to Tongyeong, because of problems getting government approval.

The Docheon Theme Park, as it is called, is in Docheon-dong in the marine city, adjacent to the coastline. It has a modern-architecture museum with a 100-seat recital hall on the first floor and a collection of Yun’s possessions on the second.

[source: joongangdaily.joins.com]

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