Becca Lloyd resident composer at “World Wide Audio Inc”

Jeudi, Novembre 9, 2006 - 12:08
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Rebecca Lloyd

Becca Lloyd has recently joined the staff at the New York post-production powerhouse “World Wide Audio Inc” as a resident composer.

Award winning composer and flautist Becca Lloyd has attracted worldwide attention for her original compositions for feature films and documentaries. Receiving tutelage from some of the most respected names in the fields of musical arrangement and composition such as Vernon Hill, Robert Dick and Guy Gross, Becca managed to stage a major coup in 2002 by securing a commission from China's largest TV Network that saw her composed, conducted and arranged the music for the "World History Series” which went on to be screened to an audience of 1 billion people. Her compositions and arrangements have been performed to entertain the likes of Rudy Gulliani, Australian Prime Minister John Howard and Nicole Kidman. Becca has also recently selected by the Sydney Opera House to have her compositions performed for the 06-07 season.

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