Just published: A Composer's Notes: Remembering Miklós Rózsa

Jeudi, Octobre 19, 2006 - 11:24
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Miklós Rózsa

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A Composer's Notes: Remembering Miklós Rózsa


Jeffrey Dane

(with a Foreword by Leonard Pennario)

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A special Recollection, written to commemorate
the 2007 centenary of the composer’s birth on April 18, 1907.
In this book, the author shares his own remembrances of the composer, the
private vignettes he witnessed, specific anecdotes, personal photos, and
facsimiles of Rózsa’s manuscripts. The author also presents some of the private
correspondence between him and the composer over a more than 20-year period,
including photographic copies of the innumerable handwritten letters and notes
he received from Dr. Rózsa during the decades of their friendship. These
missives outline the evolution of the camaraderie and rapport that developed
between the two men, offer insight into the kind of relationship between them, and
reveal features of the composer's own character. The author began his
connection with Rózsa as a fan but ultimately became an earnest student first of
Rozsa's film music (specifically his score for Ben Hur) and then of his concert
music -- and, eventually, a friend.

Paperback; 332 pages; illustrated, with photos & facsimiles of the
composer's letters and manuscripts.


iUniverse, Lincoln, Nebraska USA / New York, NY USA. Available now.
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A Composer's Notes: Remembering Miklós Rózsa

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