New recording of Violin Concerto by Sprague

Lundi, Mars 27, 2006 - 16:54
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American composers Frank Lee Sprague's newest recording is his Concerto for Violin with Orchestra, issued by Wichita Falls Records.

This is music by a master craftsman, played to the hilt and recorded with stunning realism and fidelity. A performance of great emotional extremes, one that wrings every drop of expression from the music. The first steps on this Sprague pilgrimage lift the heart for the journey to come. Sprague has become among the most esteemed musical figures of his generation. Each work bears the unmistakable stamp of a wildly fertile musical imagination and a distinctive voice forged out of the wide-ranging musical languages.

Frank Lee Sprague is a new breed among American composers. His Violin Concerto is unique and fresh. The recording is gorgeous...an unusually beautiful disc. Superbly played, vividly recorded, simply the last word in unobtrusive virtuosity and sumptuous blending of tones. There's so much color and invention packed into this composition and
this world premiere recording offers a musical journey to the listener.

An outstanding contribution to the still far-too-small Sprague discography. This irresistible discovery, winningly championed by a new orchestra with this long-overdue first recording of his Violin Concerto, proves Frank Lee Sprague a musical genius of Mozartean universality and range.

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