Film music award for James Newton Howard

Vendredi, Mars 27, 2015 - 14:28
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The Max Steiner Award, named after the Austrian-born composer Max Steiner, is awarded to James Newton Howard. He will receive the prize at the eighth annual Hollywood in Vienna event, which will be held on 15-16 October 2015 at Austria’s Vienna Concert Hall.

Sandra Tomek — Hollywood in Vienna founder — states: “Howard is definitely one of the most versatile film composers of our time as he succeeds in writing both eerie classical mystery scores, uplifting comedy scores, electronic soundtracks as well as chart-winning songs.”

Howard wrote the film music for the four “Hunger Games” movies, but also for “Snow White and the Hunstman,” “Maleficent,” “The Bourne Legacy” and “Nightcrawler”. In total he has written over 120 scores and was nominated for an Oscar eight times.

Source: http://variety.com/2015/music/news/hunger-games-composer-james-newton-ho...

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