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Welcome to this unique collection of maps (see below), completely dedicated to everything related to classical composers and their music. Follow the footsteps of your favorite composer, or find out about composer memorabilia in a certain city or country. Besides, many theaters, concert halls, museums, musical institutions and nice organs are mentioned.

This project started in November 2008 with Hungary. Later more countries, like Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and France, were added. More countries will follow after these. The maps of Great Britain and Ireland have many unverified data.

Almost all the information here was carefully collected and described by musicologist Ed Tervooren, who traveled all over Europe for this. He also took many photographs, which you can see here too. There are also some contributions by others.

Note: The research for the MusicAtlas continues and new items will be added again and again, but inevitably there will still be gaps. Therefore additions and corrections by the visitors of this site are indispensable and will be welcomed gratefully.

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Fähnrichshof Maison fermée

Wenzel Müller

Map: Vienne


Map: Vienne
Zu den drei Hacken Plaque


Map: Vienne
Kleine Ramhof Maison fermée, Plaque

Strauß sr.

Map: Vienne
Bechlerhof Maison fermée


Map: Vienne
Grünangerstraße 12 Maison fermée


Map: Vienne
Zum grünen Anker Maison fermée

Weber, Schubert, Brahms

Map: Vienne
St. Hieronymus Orgue

Map: Vienne
Blumenstöckl Maison fermée


Map: Vienne
Kleine Kaiserhaus Plaque


Map: Vienne
Himmelspfortgasse 6 Maison fermée, Plaque

mozart, Beethoven

Map: Vienne
Waaggasse 1 Wien Jean Sibelius plaque, Wien Maison fermée, Plaque


Map: Vienne
Resselpark, Karlsplatz Brahms-Denkmal, Wien Brahms-Denkmal, Wien Monument


Map: Vienne
Theater auf der Wieden Papageno monument, Theater auf der Wieden Papageno monument, Theater auf der Wieden Plaque


Map: Vienne
Fleischmanngasse 1, Wien Albert Lortzing plaque Albert Lortzing house Albert Lortzing plaque Monument, Plaque


Map: Vienne
Theater an der Wien Theater an der Wien Theater an der Wien Theater an der Wien, Papagenotor Theater an der Wien, Geistinger plaque Theater an der Wien, Benatzky plaque Theater an der Wien, Steiner plaque Concerts, Exécution historique, Opéra, théâtre, Plaque

Theater an der Wien

Map: Vienne
Getreidegasse 9, Salzburg Mozart's birthplace Mozart's birthplace Maison ouverte, Plaque


Map: Salzbourg
Stiftskirche, Salzburg Monument, Orgue, Plaque

M. Haydn, Nannerl Mozart

Map: Salzbourg
Kurtheater — Lehár Filmtheater Lehár Filmtheater Lehár Filmtheater Opéra, théâtre, Plaque


Map: Bad Ischl