Premieres today

Hugo Wolf (1896) Il y a 124 années
Premiere of Der Corregidor, in Mannheim, Germany.
Frederick Delius (1909) Il y a 111 années
Premiere of A Mess of Life, in London, England.
Erik Satie (1920) Il y a 100 années
Premiere of Socrate, in Paris, France.
Kurt Weill (1933) Il y a 87 années
Premiere of Die Sieben Todsünden, in Paris, France.
Benjamin Britten (1945) Il y a 75 années
Premiere of Peter Grimes, in London, England.
Rodion Shchedrin (1977) Il y a 43 années
Premiere of The Dead Souls, in Moscow, Russia.
Peter Wallin (1995) Il y a 25 années
First performance of "Four English episodes, and a final conclusion", in Esbjerg, Denmark.