Premieres today

Georg Friedrich Händel (1749) Il y a 269 années
Premiere of the Music for the Royal Fireworks, in London, England.
Nicoló Paganini (1830) Il y a 188 années
Premiere of violin concerto no. 4 in d minor, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.
Ralph Vaughan Williams (1951) Il y a 67 années
Premiere of The Pilgrim's Progress, in London, England.
John Cage (1959) Il y a 59 années
Premiere of Fontana Mix, in New York, USA.
Charles Ives (1965) Il y a 53 années
Premiere of Symphony no. 4, in New York, USA.
Heinz Holliger (1990) Il y a 28 années
Premiere of Beiseit, in Witten, Germany.
Peter Wallin (1989) Il y a 29 années
First performance of "The Pen", in Grängesberg, Sweden.
Peter Wallin (1994) Il y a 24 années
First performance of "Schön ist das Leben", in Esbjerg, Denmark.