Premieres today

Heinrich Schütz (1627) Il y a 392 années
Premiere of Dafne, in Torgau, Germany.
Milii Balakirev (1909) Il y a 110 années
Premiere of Symphony no. 2 in d minor, in St. Petersburg, Russia.
André Jolivet (1948) Il y a 71 années
Premiere of the Concerto for Ondes Martenot and Orchestra, in Vienna, Austria.
Olivier Messiaen (1953) Il y a 66 années
Premiere of Livre d'Orgue, Stuttgart, Germany, with Messiaen at the organ.
Iannis Xenakis (1963) Il y a 56 années
Premiere of Stratégie, in Venice, Italy.
Wolfgang Rihm (1988) Il y a 31 années
Premiere of the Chiffre-Zyklus, in Witten, Germany.
Laurent Mettraux (2007) Il y a 12 années
First performance of the Suite for three flutes in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.