Premieres today

Gustav Albert Lortzing (1845) Il y a 176 années
Premiere of Undine, in Magdeburg, Germany.
Giacomo Puccini (1889) Il y a 132 années
Premiere of Edgar, in Milan, Italy.
Sergey Prokofiev (1918) Il y a 103 années
Premiere of the Classical Symphony in D major op. 25, in St. Petersburg, Russia, with Prokofiev conducting.
Olivier Messiaen (1945) Il y a 76 années
Premiere of Trois Petites Liturgies de la Présence Divine, in Paris, France.
Ralph Vaughan Williams (1948) Il y a 73 années
Premiere of Symphony no. 6 in e minor, in London, England.
Elliott Carter (1956) Il y a 65 années
Premiere of Variations for Orchestra, in Louisville, USA.
Peter Wallin (1995) Il y a 26 années
First performance of "On the 2100th day", in Esbjerg, Denmark.