Premieres today

Ludwig van Beethoven (1826) Il y a 197 années
Premiere of String Quartet in B flat major op. 130, in Vienna, Austria.
Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Franz Schubert (1839) Il y a 184 années
Premiere of Schubert's Symphony no. 8 in C major D 944 “The Great”, in Leipzig, with Mendelssohn conducting.
Sergey Taneyev (1898) Il y a 125 années
Premiere of Symphony no. 1 in c minor, in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Richard Strauss (1904) Il y a 119 années
Premiere of Sinfonia Domestica op. 53, in New York, USA, with Strauss conducting.
Maurice Ravel (1925) Il y a 98 années
Premiere of L'Enfant et les Sortilèges, in Monte Carlo, Monaco.
Peter Wallin (2002) Il y a 21 années
First performance of "Motions and objects, lurching around in your neighbourhood when you least expect it", in Billund, Denmark.