Premieres today

Georg Friedrich Händel (1747) Il y a 273 années
Premiere of Judas Maccabeus, in London, England.
Manuel de Falla (1913) Il y a 107 années
Premiere of La Vida Breve, in Nice, France.
Franz Schmidt (1914) Il y a 106 années
Premiere of Notre Dame, in Vienna, Austria.
Aaron Copland (1954) Il y a 66 années
Premiere of The Tender Land, in New York, USA.
Peter Wallin (1990) Il y a 30 années
First live performance of "The Fright of the Unknown", in Lund, Sweden.
Peter Wallin (2003) Il y a 17 années
First performance of "Herren er min hyrde", in Sneum, Denmark.
Jonathan Bailey Holland (2007) Il y a 13 années
Premiere of Song Cycle “To what purpose, April...?”