Premieres today

Leoš Janáček (1904) Il y a 117 années
Premiere of Jenufa, in Brno, Czech Republic.
Ernö von Dohnányi (1910) Il y a 111 années
Premiere of Der Schleier de Pierrette, in Dresden, Germany.
Alfredo Casella (1917) Il y a 104 années
Premiere of Elegia Eroica, in Rome, Italy.
Béla Bartók (1937) Il y a 84 années
Premiere of Music for strings, percussion and celesta, in Basel, Switzerland.
Igor Markevitch (1938) Il y a 83 années
Premiere of Le Nouvel Age, in Warsaw, Poland.
Peter Wallin (1996) Il y a 25 années
First performance of "Trinity Agreement", in Esbjerg, Denmark.