Premieres today

Johannes Brahms, Clara Schumann (1854) Il y a 166 années
Premiere of Brahms' piano sonata no. 3 in f minor op. 5, in Leipzig, Germany, with Clara Schumann at the piano.
Leoš Janáček (1921) Il y a 99 années
Premiere of Katja Kabanova, in Brno, Czech Republic.
Zoltán Kodály (1933) Il y a 87 années
Premiere of Dances from Galánta, in Budapest, Hungary.
Wolfgang Fortner (1972) Il y a 48 années
Premiere of Elisabeth Tudor, in Berlin, Germany.
Roger Huntington Sessions (1981) Il y a 39 années
Premiere of Concerto for Orchestra, in Boston, USA.
György Sándor Ligeti (1986) Il y a 34 années
Premiere of piano concerto (parts 1 and 3), in Graz, Austria.
Peter Wallin (2005) Il y a 15 années
First performance of "The Whatever Variations"
Vanessa Lann, Reinbert de Leeuw (2008) Il y a 12 années
Premiere of the cello concerto "Divining Apollo", by the Schoenberg Ensemble with Reinbert de Leeuw conducting