Premieres today

Adolphe-Charles Adam (1836) Il y a 184 années
Premiere of Le Postillon de Longjumeau, in Paris, France.
Max Reger (1908) Il y a 112 années
Premiere of violin concerto in A major op. 101, in Leipzig, Germany.
Modest Moussorgsky (1917) Il y a 103 années
Premiere of Sorochintsy Fair, in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Gustaf Allan Pettersson (1968) Il y a 52 années
Premiere of Symphony no. 7, in Stockholm, Sweden.
Leonard Bernstein (1982) Il y a 38 années
Premiere of Candide (new version), in New York, USA.
Hans-Jürgen von Bose (1991) Il y a 29 années
Premiere of Love after Love, in Hamburg, Germany.
Toru Takemitsu (1991) Il y a 29 années
Premiere of Quotation of Dream, in London, England.
Peter Wallin (1985) Il y a 35 années
First performances of "Elegia piccola" and the original version of "Combat", in Genarp, Sweden.
Sophie Lacaze (1993) Il y a 27 années
Premiere of Voyelles for flute