Subjective and objective

I think that it´s possible assess art and especially music with dimension subjective-objective. Then popular music is clearly more subjective than classical music. It is clearly seen when themes of popular music like my love, my longing, my sorrow, etc., are compared with a symphony, that has no such connections to the same kind of subjectivity. Allthough a symphony can be experienced strongly it still doesn´t have connections with personal life of that experiencing person.

From this point of view it´s easy to go into question how the subjective and objective side of life are seen in humans life. It´s not very good to live solely in one or in another area of life. In subjectivity me is all the time present but in objective lifestyle me is moderated almost fully. It´s very good now and then to jump from subjective experiencing to objective experiencing and vice versa. Why?, because it´s good now and then get rid of subjective pressures as well as from objective pressures. Really me and my subjective life can be a real burden when all the time in mind and so for example listening to a piano concerto or walking in nature can give temporal release of it. And it´s also easily seen that for many people objective challenges of work means release from subjective pressure of home and vice versa.

It´s is also easy to see that society in its dynamic commercial core is doing too much with subjective side of life — well, it´s surely easier to appeal to own advantage than something more objective and bigger than me. But the problem is that then society is easily seen only for subjective purposes and that makes society very easily very shallow with me-people.

And what about purpose? When we look at purpose in life’s perspective we have very wide visions in front of us. I personally think that individual life starts from the big objectivity of the womb and symbiose and after that goes on through growing subjectivity and then in a normal case that subjectivity gives way to objectivity with growing age. And then being older means more objective from subjective feelings more independent connection to nature, culture, art, knowledge and whole world etc.

In this point of view especially music and the visual arts are seen in a new light, because they as means os communication are non-verbal and then maybe are able to reach behind the verbal side of life from an individual´s developmental-historical point of view. So, music and visual arts are able to speak to levels that were before speach and its symbol function was developed in individuals life.

So, music and visual arts can be seen ways to go back from objective life of adulthood backwards through subjectivity into objectivity of the womb and symbiose. That means that progressive mental growth is in essential a way of regressive growth where objectivity is not now feeling the womb and symbiose but now that objectivity is felt connected to universe in all its layers.

This point of view is interesting because it connects four things to each other new kind of ways: dimension subjectivity-objectivity, arts, developmental history of individual and meaning of human life.

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