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Improved composer data, layout and speed

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Website improvements

The information about composers on is constantly being updated. In addition to that, over the last months I have also been working on improving the speed and layout of the site, and I think I made some good progress.

Add sounds and documents

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Music samples and scores

I suspect that not many people already know that you can add sounds (like MP3 files) and documents (e.g. music scores) to This may be an interesting feature for you as composer or classical music enthusiast. Adding these files is possible on either a composition page (for directly files related to that composition) or on a composer page.

Composer alphabet

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I have introduced two new features on

Alphabetical list of composers

There are several ways to search for a composer on my site, but an alphabetical list was still missing till now. Such a list is now available: see

I created this on request of a visitor who convinced me that it was useful addition. I hope you will also find it useful.

20 years of collecting composers

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It started 20 years ago

In August 1995 I created my first website, which I named the "Classical Composers Database". Two months later I posted a message in a newsgroup to announce the site, asking the Internet community to contribute to it. The original message can still be read here:!topic/

MusicAtlas places for Paris

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Music on vacation

When on vacation, do you also like visiting music-related places like a composer's birthplace, house, or statue? Or maybe a museum with musical instruments, a church with an important organ? Or want to visit a concert in a famous concert hall? The MusicAtlas, which has been part of Musicalics (Classical Composers Database) since 2008, and which contains information for many European countries, can help you with this.

Editing pages on

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Good news for those of you who have always wanted to be able to edit their own or other pages on the website. This is now possible! There are several options:

You are a composer

If you are (representing) a composer who already has a page on the Musicalics website, you must let me know what account you use. I will then make you the owner of it, so that you can edit your own page, and add new compositions to your composition overview.

Classical Composers Database is Musicalics: your new password

Dear [simplenews-subscriber:user:field-real-name] ([simplenews-subscriber:user:name]),

After a long newsletter silence, here are some updates for (the new name for the Classical Composers Database). This newsletter also contains information on how to obtain a new password for the new website.

Add concert announcements

You can now again add your own concert announcements to the site. To do so, you must be logged in, for which a new password is necessary (see next section for how to do this).