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Image for Crag House 4 Crabbe Street Aldeburgh

- Britten

Image for The Red House Linden Close Aldeburgh

Graves Britten a.o.

Image for Parish Churchyard  Aldeburgh

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Explanation of symbols

workshop A workshop or atelier for instruments or other music items. other music Other occasional live music performances
library A library or archive. live music A concert hall or other place for live music.
conservatory A conservatory or music school. historic performances A place where composers or musicians performed or were employed.
house closed A house or building that is closed to the public. house open to public A house or building that can be visited by the public.
monument A single monument. monuments Two or more monuments.
museum A museum. opera house or theatre Opera house or other place for music theatre performances.
organ A memorial or interesting organ. memorial tablet A memorial tablet or stone.
grave A single grave. graves Two or more graves.