Andersen Viana finalist in Finland international prize

Viernes, Febrero 12, 2016 - 14:47
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Andersen Viana

The composer Andersen Viana (Belo Horizonte) was one of 6 (six) composers selected from 22 countries in “The International Timo Korhonen Composition Competition” with his work “In E (Em Mi)” for instrumental group representing the Brazilian music at this competition.

This selection was made based on the artistic and technical qualities of his “open work ” for instrumental group. This prize will be providing the diffusion and interpretation of the compositional work of Andersen Viana worldwide.

The objective of this competition is to stimulate the composers' music of whole world that includes the acoustic guitar, promoting the unpublished pieces near the students of this instrument in Finland; to find musical pieces from all over the world near the participation of local guitarists, providing creative activity and cultural integration.

At present the music of Andersen Viana – along the academic tradition – joins also jazz elements and structures originating from folklore, looking at the same time, an affirmation of an artistic work that could be understood universally.


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