Brazilian composer signs new contract in California

Martes, Noviembre 17, 2009 - 14:01
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Andersen Viana

One of the most prestigious publishers specialized in music scores for voices – Cantus Quercus Press – hosted in the Califórnia, U.S.A. -, signed the second contract with the composer ANDERSEN VIANA for diffusion of part of the vocal work of the Brazilian master-composer.

The works for voices: “Voices of Earth” about the homonymous poem of the Canadian poet Archibald Lampman (1861-1899) and “At Sunrise”, based about the homonymous poem of the journalist and Canadian poet Bliss Carman (1861-1929), were printed by the company and already are being diffused in many countries of Europe, North and South America. The pieces sent impressed the direction of the company due to its high technical and artistic quality.

Andersen composed and produced music for the following films: The Fortuneteller (2001), Scraps of the Taquaril (Claudio Coast Val), Near to Evil (2007), Playing for Tomorrow, The Next Step, Gun' s Speech, Ghost Train, 3:00:AM (Sérgio Gomes), Burnning Hearts (2001) Director: Ray Evans, Adam’s Sons (2001) Director: Afonso Nunes, Lost in Abbey Road (2003) Director: Denis Curi, A Living Soul (2002) Director: Rubens Camara, Manuelzão and Bananeira (1989) Director: Geraldo Elísio, Ofélia (Fernanda Marçola), Opposite (Eduardo Rennó), Portuguese Mines (2006) Director: Paulo Augusto Gomes, The Man of the Cardboard Head (2007) Director: Carlos Canela, Convict (2008) Director: Carlos Magno and Carlos Canela, Human Being (2009) Director: Fernando Pinheiro, An Any Night (2009) Director: André Rocha.

Recently, Andersen has produced and directed the spectacle sonorovisual experimental interdisciplinary titled by Paisagem Lunar: Moonscape, already available in CD and DVD.

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