Premieres today

Félix Mendelssohn (1831) hace 190 años
Premiere of piano concerto no. 1 in g minor op. 25, in Munich, Germany, with Mendelssohn conducting.
Franz Schubert (1841) hace 180 años
Premiere of Symphony no. 5 in B flat major D 485, in Vienna, Austria.
Boris Blacher (1953) hace 68 años
Premiere of Abstrakte Oper no. 1, in Mannheim, Germany.
John Cage (1954) hace 67 años
Premiere of 34'46.776'', in Donaueschingen, Germany.
Ernst Krenek (1955) hace 66 años
Premiere of Pallas Athene Weintin Hamburg, Germany.
Edison Denisov (1983) hace 38 años
Premiere of Suite “Colin et Chloé”, in Moscow, Russia.
Jay Weigel (2006) hace 15 años
Harold Sylvester's film "NOLA" featuring score by Jay Weigel