Premieres today

Heinrich Schutz (1627) hace 393 años
Premiere of Dafne, in Torgau, Germany.
Mili Balakirev (1909) hace 111 años
Premiere of Symphony no. 2 in d minor, in St. Petersburg, Russia.
André Jolivet (1948) hace 72 años
Premiere of the Concerto for Ondes Martenot and Orchestra, in Vienna, Austria.
Olivier Messiaen (1953) hace 67 años
Premiere of Livre d'Orgue, Stuttgart, Germany, with Messiaen at the organ.
Iannis Xenakis (1963) hace 57 años
Premiere of Stratégie, in Venice, Italy.
Wolfgang Rihm (1988) hace 32 años
Premiere of the Chiffre-Zyklus, in Witten, Germany.
Laurent Mettraux (2007) hace 13 años
First performance of the Suite for three flutes in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.