Premieres today

Félix Mendelssohn (1842) hace 182 años
Premiere of Symphony in a minor no. 3 op. 56 “Scottish”, in Leipzig, Germany, with Mendelssohn conducting.
Robert Schumann (1853) hace 171 años
Premiere of Symphony no. 4 in d minor op. 120 (second version), in Düsseldorf, Germany, with Schumann conducting.
Johannes Brahms (1870) hace 154 años
Premiere of the Alt Rhapsodie op. 53, in Jena, Germany.
Georges Bizet (1875) hace 149 años
Premiere of Carmen, in Paris, France.
Richard Strauss (1899) hace 125 años
Premiere of Ein Heldenleben, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, with Strauss conducting.
Anton Webern (1943) hace 81 años
Premiere of Variations for Orchestra op. 30, in Wintherthur, Austria.
Alice Shields (2004) hace 20 años
Mioritiza - Requiem for Rachel Corrie