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  • Toshi Ichiyanagi I was just posting a comment
    hace 1 año 7 meses

    I was just posting a comment here to know if it's ok for me to edit this piece under Symphonic Music. thank you

  • Toshi Ichiyanagi Symphony No.5 "Time Perspective"
    hace 1 año 7 meses

    I think Symphony No 5 is missing. i just found it on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWElA9xzBuU&ab_channel=hscherchen

    I don't know if this is just a segment of a larger part of his work but it might need to be added under symphonic music section in his works. I have no idea what other symphonic works he has written.

  • Colomb ou La Decouverte de l'Amerique : Ténor-Basse-choeur-orch. Score
    hace 2 años 3 semanas

    How to access this score?

  • Neville Bower Memories of a student
    hace 2 años 4 semanas

    I was one of Bower's last music students. I'd like to think that students like Mark Tong and myself inspired him to go back to composing, but I suspect the truth is more like we drove him to it. I was writing minimalist ambient pieces while Mark specialised in Charles Ives style pianistic forearm smashes and idolised Harrison Birtwhistle. Slough (Upton) Grammar was a soul-destroying place to teach and learn music; subsequently I got the benefit of one-on-one musical tuition. Bower had a reputation for purple-faced biblical inventive with which he used to regale the fifth formers, such was his frustration. Another of his catch-phrases was "they'd never have done this to me at Ealing!".
    We performed a now-obligatory high-school rock concert during which we did a punk homage to Bower. Knowing his views on popular music we fully expected him to be outraged; in fact, I caught sight of him standing at the back of the hall with his arms crossed and an uncharacteristic wry grin, so I guess he got the irony.
    "Neville Bower, Neville Bower / He's a one-man super-power!"
    Reading this, I'm aware of how much I absorbed from my time with Bower. I still write in my own interpretation of a tonal-chromatic system and have a deep appreciation for the students of Rimsky-Korsakov. We all experimented with serialism in the '80s and found it limited. I also remember him working on "Evocation" a couple of years before publication; it inspired me to attempt a short serial solo clarinet piece at the time.
    Thank you so much for this biography; lineage is important.

  • Charles Koechlin Koechlin reply
    hace 2 años 2 meses

    I also just noticed it is part of Le Livre de la Jungle, although it is a 33 minute piece. I just found it on youtube. Thank you.

  • Charles Koechlin I also just noticed it is
    hace 2 años 2 meses

    I also just noticed it is part of Le Livre de la Jungle, although it is a 33 minute piece. I just found it on youtube. Thank you.

  • Gustaf Bengtsson Permission granted - reply
    hace 2 años 2 meses

    Thank you. much appreciated!

  • Gustaf Bengtsson Permission granted
    hace 2 años 2 meses

    I have given you permission to edit composer information on my site. Thank you for helping me out! Let me know if you have questions.

  • Charles Koechlin Part of "Jungle book"
    hace 2 años 2 meses

    This composition is part of Koechlin's "Jungle Book" (Le Livre de la Jungle). I admit that it is a bit hard to find, but it is actually listed near bottom of the page of that composition:

    I noticed that a search for the piece on my site gives the correct result, but only further down the list. I maybe should look into the setup of my search.

  • Gustaf Bengtsson Yes please
    hace 2 años 3 meses

    Yes please, I would like that. Thank you.

  • Charles Koechlin Missing work by Charles Koechlin
    hace 2 años 3 meses

    I think, "Op. 95, La Course de Printemps" by Charles Koechlin is missing from the database. I went over all of his works and it's not there. Please correct me if I am wrong. I have no idea how to add works on this site yet. Thank you.

  • Sophie-Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatté I have corrected this. Thank
    hace 2 años 3 meses

    I have corrected this. Thank you for letting me know, and for the information.

  • Gustaf Bengtsson If you want, then I can give
    hace 2 años 3 meses

    If you want, then I can give you permission to edit information on this website. You can then add compositions and YouTube links.

  • Sophie-Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatté S.C. Eckhardt-Gramatté's birthdate
    hace 2 años 3 meses

    Officially her birthdate is January 6, 1899 (Not 1902).
    Here is a factsheet:

    Sophie-Carmen Eckhardt-Gramatté

    Fact Sheet

    Born Moscow, January 6, 1899; Died Stuttgart, December 2, 1974.

    Musical studies
    Early years Piano training by her mother, a student of Anton and Nicholas
    1908-1913 Violin and piano studies at the Conservatoire National, Paris
    1915 Private violin studies with Bronislaw Hubermann, Berlin
    1936 Study of composition with Max Trapp, Berlin

    Selected Commissions
    1959 Duo Concertante for Cello and Piano, University of Saskatchewan
    1963 Wind Quintet, CBC
    1964 String Quartet No.3, University of Manitoba
    1964 Nonet, University of Saskatchewan Chamber Players
    1967 Symphony Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, CBC
    1967 Piano Trio, Martha Hidy Trio
    1969 Symphony No.2 (“Manitoba Symphony”), Winnipeg Symphony
    1970 Suite for Solo Violin No.4 (“Pacific”), McMaster University
    1971 Concertino for Gamba and Harpsichord, York University
    1971 Fanfare, the Winnipeg Art Gallery

    1948 & 1949 Composition Prize of the Vienna Musikverein
    1950 Austrian State Prize for Composition
    1951 Award for Piano Sonata No.5, International Society for Contemporary Music
    1961 First Prize for Concerto for Orchestra, GEDOK, Mannheim
    1966 Honourable Mention for String Quartet No.3, GEDOK, Mannheim
    1991 Juno Award Nomination for Best Classical Composition, Cappriccio
    1992 Nomination for the Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik for the Six
    Piano Sonatas

    1970 Doctor in Music, Brandon University
    1970 Professor title, Austrian government
    1975 Diplôme d'Honneur, Canadian Conference of the Arts (posthumous)

    Membership in Professional Organizations
    1945 Charter Member of International Society for Contemporary Music
    1953 Canadian League of Composers
    1966 Canadian Music Centre

    • Introduction and Variations on a Theme from my Childhood, Waterloo
    Music, Waterloo, Ontario
    • Pieces from my Childhood Vol. I and II, Waterloo Music, Waterloo, Ontario
    • Six Piano Caprices, Brandon University School of Music Press,
    Brandon, Manitoba
    • String Quartet No.3, Berandol, Toronto
    • Ten Caprices for Solo Violin, Brandon University School of Music Press,
    Brandon, Manitoba
    • Triple Concerto, Universal Edition, Vienna

    • Eckhardt-Gramatté Chamber Music Recital Hall, University of Calgary
    • Eckhardt-Gramatté Competition for Young Pianists, held in
    various cities in North America, including Edmonton; Kitchener-
    Waterloo; Hartford, Connecticut; and St. Thomas, Ontario (twice)
    • Eckhardt-Gramatté Electronic Music Studio/Sound Room, Lakehead
    University, Thunder Bay
    • Eckhardt-Gramatté Foundation/Trillium Plus Composition Competition,
    London, Ontario
    • Eckhardt-Gramatté Hall, University of Winnipeg
    • Eckhardt-Gramatté Manitoba Composers’ Scholarship, awarded annually at the Associated Manitoba Arts Festivals Provincial Music and Speech Finals
    • Eckhardt-Gramatté Memorial Concertmaster’s Chair, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra
    • Eckhardt-Gramatté Memorial Principal Viola Chair, Calgary Philharmonic
    • Eckhardt-Gramatté Music Conservatory, Brandon University
    • Eckhardt-Gramatté Music Library, University of Manitoba
    • Eckhardt-Gramatté National Music Competition for the performance of
    Canadian Music, held annually since 1976 at Brandon University

  • Gustaf Bengtsson missing Gustaf Bengtsson works
    hace 2 años 4 meses

    Gustaf Bengtsson's String Quartet in G-major is missing as well as Cello Concerto in A minor. I would like to add them via youtube links but am still unclear as to what is copyrighted and what not.

  • Quatuor 13 : cordes The listings are automatic
    hace 2 años 7 meses

    The listings are automatic search results at Sheet Music Plus. They possibly do not sell these quartets, or they sell them under a different name. Please ask Sheet Music Plus if these quartets are really not available.

  • Quatuor 13 : cordes dancla string quartets
    hace 2 años 7 meses

    You list all 14 string quartets of the composer Charles Dancla. On each of the 14 links, a listing from sheet musicplus does not produce any one of them. Why is this happening?

  • Dora Estrella Bright air and variation dates
    hace 3 años 1 semana

    air and variation dates updated

  • Karl Guhr Thank you. I have added this
    hace 3 años 1 mes

    Thank you. I have added this information.

  • Albert Dupuis I have updated this. Thanks!
    hace 3 años 1 mes

    I have updated this. Thanks!

  • Francesco Basili I have updated Basili's dates
    hace 3 años 1 mes

    I have updated Basili's dates. Thank you for letting me know.

  • Karl Guhr Correctie - aanvulling
    hace 3 años 1 mes

    Carl Wilhelm Ferdinand Guhr (Karl Guhr)
    * 27. Oktober 1787 in Militsch, Schlesien
    † 23. Juli 1848 in Frankfurt am Main

  • Albert Dupuis correctie
    hace 3 años 1 mes

    Birth:1 maart 1877 (Verviers)
    Death: 19 september 1967 (Brussel)

  • Francesco Basili Dates
    hace 3 años 1 mes

    Francesco Basili was born 31-1-1767 and died 25-3-1850

  • Karl Friedrich Abel According to Wikipedia and
    hace 3 años 2 meses

    According to Wikipedia and other sources, both spellings (Carl and Karl) are valid, though Carl seems to be the more common one. I have added Carl as preferred spelling.

  • Offertoire 'Scapulis suis obumbrabit tibi Dominus' Smetana Scapulis Suis
    hace 3 años 3 meses

    Hello everyone! I am new to this platform, so please excuse my direct approach. I am looking for a specific work of Smetana, an offertoire called "Scapulis suis". Does anyone know where can I find the score, ideally a piano reduction? Thanks in advance!

  • Karl Friedrich Abel Karl Friedrich Abel
    hace 3 años 3 meses

    I think his first name is spelled Carl not Karl

  • St James’s Church, Piccadilly Talent Unlimited Showcase Concert
    hace 3 años 8 meses

    First half: Miguel Sobrinho, viola, Ivelina Krasteva, piano and Findlay Spence, cello
    Brahms, Sonata for viola and piano op. 120 No.1 in F minor
    Knox, Pocket Concerto for viola with cello
    Second half: Sirius Chau, flute, Kumi Matsuo, piano
    Debussy, Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune
    Hindemith, Sonata for Flute and Piano
    Leung, As the Wind Resonates
    Schubert, Introduction and Variations “Trockne Blumen” for Flute and Piano in E minor, D 802 (Op. post. 160)
    Recital at St James’s Church, Piccadilly, London
    Booking: https://showcase-concert.eventbrite.co.uk/

  • Peter Wallin Added premiere
    hace 4 años 2 meses

    I have added this to the list of premieres.

  • Peter Wallin Premiere
    hace 4 años 2 meses

    Monday, 24. February 2020
    First performance of "33 Bars No. 24" (Version for 2)
    Nr. Broby Friskole (Denmark)
    Arrrgh! Duo (Jesper Eg Pedersen & Peter Wallin) playing 2 pairs of Flyswattophones

  • Peter Wallin Premiere
    hace 4 años 2 meses

    Sunday, 28. January 2007
    First performance of "3 things to do after retirement"
    Sct Peders Kirke Holsted (Denmark)
    Laila Nielsen (Alto Recorder) & Peter Wallin (Vibraphone)

  • Nizar Kalai Sorry, do I know you?
    hace 4 años 4 meses

    Sorry, do I know you?

  • John W. Bratton Thank you
    hace 4 años 4 meses

    Thank you for this information. I have now updated this.

  • Janet Wheeler Thank you for this
    hace 4 años 4 meses

    Thank you for this information. I see that there is also a Wikipedia page for Janet Wheeler, which I have added here above.

  • Gábor Darvas I have corrected the URL.
    hace 4 años 4 meses

    I have corrected the URL. Thank you for letting me know.

  • Nikolai Yakovlevich Miaskovsky Dit is nu ook gecorrigeerd
    hace 4 años 4 meses

    Dit is nu ook gecorrigeerd (met excuses voor de trage reactie).

  • Ludwig Bohner Dank je voor de toevoeging.
    hace 4 años 4 meses

    Dank je voor de toevoeging. Ik heb de gegevens in de database verwerkt.

  • Janet Wheeler Addition information
    hace 4 años 4 meses

    Janet Wheeler was born in 1957

  • Galata Museo del Mare, Genova-Italy Galata Museo del Mare
    hace 4 años 5 meses

    Adding Galata Museo del Mare. location of a Concert dedicated to George Crumb 90^ Birthday.Première performance in the Genoa town.

  • Andrew March Nymphéas for Two Pianos
    hace 4 años 5 meses

    Nymphéas for Two Pianos (2001) has been published by Da Vinci Editions:
    The score is also available from Amazon (It.)

  • John W. Bratton add info
    hace 4 años 5 meses

    John Walter Bratton
    born Januari 21, 1867
    died February 7, 1947

  • Ludwig Bohner wijziging gegevens
    hace 4 años 5 meses

    Johann Ludwig Böhner werd geboren op 7 januari 1787 in Töttelstädt en overleed op 28 maart 1860 in Gotha

  • Gábor Darvas correct URL
    hace 4 años 6 meses
  • Ronald Binge Vice Versa
    hace 4 años 6 meses

    Did you find this? I'm looking for it too, also Upside/Downside.

  • Nikolai Yakovlevich Miaskovsky Date of death
    hace 4 años 9 meses

    Miaskovsky died on August 8, not 9. Thank you!

  • Fanny Cécile Mendelssohn Thank you
    hace 4 años 9 meses


  • Mathieu Dijker Official webpage
    hace 4 años 12 meses

    Now available, the official website about Mathieu Dijker:

    So far only in Dutch. A translation into English will follow later.

  • The Essence of Light and the Absence of Color Free Download:
    hace 5 años 1 mes
  • William Ignace Gibsone william ignace gibsone 1826-1897
    hace 5 años 3 meses

    I am his great grandson Christopher Lewis I have a double CD with some of his compositions if you send me an address I can post it to you kind regards chris

  • St. Stephan Church, Kleine Weißgasse, D 55116 Mainz Fischer-Münster Uraufführung
    hace 5 años 3 meses

    Gottes Verheißung nach der Sintflut.