Improved composer data, layout and speed

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Website improvements

The information about composers on Musicalics.com is constantly being updated. In addition to that, over the last months I have also been working on improving the speed and layout of the site, and I think I made some good progress.


Many composer entries on Musicalics.com had incomplete information, e.g. about dates and places of birth and death. I have spent quite some time completing this information. Hundreds of entries have been updated. In many cases I have also added photos for composers, as well as links to external pages with more information about them.

Due to the huge amount of composers on the site, this work will continue for a while. Thousands(!) of entries still need to be updated. If you think you can help me with this, please let me know. And I have not even mentioned the many, many composition pages in need of updates...

You may also have noticed that I have been more active adding news items related to composers. These are featured on the front page. On that page you can also find a list of recently deceased composers. You are welcome to let me know if you think I missed something there.


The layout of the website has been changed somewhat. You may or may not have noticed it. I mainly removed some lines around boxes, and fine-tuned some spacings, which resulted in a cleaner look and feel. My next plan is to make a better looking welcome page, so that you can find your way around faster.


Musicalics.com is a large website with lots of data and many features which also attracts quite some visitors. To keep the site running at an acceptable speed, I have worked hard on optimizing the server setup. This has resulted in a improved response of the website, enabling you to find your information quicker.

Adding concert announcements

Remember: you can add your concert announcements to the website. This is a free service for all members of Musicalics. You can read more about it in a previous newsletter.

Your Musicalics.com editor,
Jos Smeets