Classical Composers Database is Musicalics: your new password

Dear [simplenews-subscriber:user:field-real-name] ([simplenews-subscriber:user:name]),

After a long newsletter silence, here are some updates for Musicalics.com (the new name for the Classical Composers Database). This newsletter also contains information on how to obtain a new password for the new website.

Add concert announcements

You can now again add your own concert announcements to the site. To do so, you must be logged in, for which a new password is necessary (see next section for how to do this).

After you logged in, a new menu item will appear under "Concerts": "Add concert". When you select that item, you will arrive at a page where you can fill in the information for you concert. Further instructions are displayed on that page. Let me know if you experience any problems.

Set a new password

Here are instructions about how to obtain a new password for the website. The old one is now no longer valid.

To set a new password, first go here: http://musicalics.com/en/user/password
Fill in your e-mail address ([simplenews-subscriber:user:mail]), and wait for the e-mail with instructions that will be sent to you.

After you set a new password, you can log in with the same user name that you used on the Classical Composers Database: [simplenews-subscriber:user:name]

You can now edit your account information, add new concert announcements to the site, or write comments for selected pages on the site. Soon you will also be able to change information for composers and compositions, including translating the information.

Set your language

A big change from the previous website is the option to choose your preferred language: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish or Dutch. There is language selector on every page, and you can also set your preferred language in your account settings.

Not everything is translated yet, but most of the interface is. Much information about composers is still in English, and quite some about compositions is in French. This is a work in progress.

Improved search

The website has an improved search, compared to the previous one. While you type your search phrase, you will be presented with a list of possibilities from which you can choose. Search includes more than 26000 composers, more than 700000 compositions, MusicAtlas places and more, in all languages. However, take note that not all composition titles have been properly translated yet from their original French.


Newsletters are now set up in a different way. This should make it easier for you and me to manage them. This is the first issue sent in this new way.

I plan to send out monthly newsletters again form now on, to keep you informed about all important updates for Musicalics.com. Your reactions are welcome. I'll try to reply to them as much as possible.

Your Musicalics.com editor,
Jos Smeets