Composer events for tomorrow

Birthdays tomorrow

Paolo Pessina (1969) 49 years ago Image for Paolo Pessina
Kevin Franz Josef Harris (1965) 53 years ago
Robert Muczynski (1929) 89 years ago Image for Robert Muczynski
André Grassi (1911) 107 years ago
Elizabeth Maconchy (1907) 111 years ago
Normand Lockwood (1906) 112 years ago
Jean Wiener (1896) 122 years ago
Joseph Matthias Hauer (1883) 135 years ago Image for Joseph Matthias Hauer
Max Reger (1873) 145 years ago Image for Max Reger
Johannes Verhulst (1816) 202 years ago Image for Johannes Verhulst
Leonhard von Call (1767) 251 years ago
D. João IV (1604) 414 years ago
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Composers died tomorrow

Alice Samter (2004) 14 years ago Alice Samter
Wolfgang Hofmann (2003) 15 years ago Image for Wolfgang Hofmann
Erkki Salmenhaara (2002) 16 years ago Erkki Salmenhaara
Christopher Headington (1996) 22 years ago
Frank Wigglesworth (1996) 22 years ago
Walter Braunfels (1954) 64 years ago Image for Walter Braunfels
Abel-Marie Decaux (1943) 75 years ago
Kuno Count of Moltke (1923) 95 years ago Kuno Graf von Moltke
Franz Xaver Neruda (1915) 103 years ago
John Thomas (1913) 105 years ago
Johann van Boom (1872) 146 years ago Johan van Boom
Adalbert (Vojtech) Gyrowetz (1850) 168 years ago Image for Adalbert (Vojtech) Gyrowetz
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Premieres tomorrow

Charles Gounod (1859) 159 years ago
Premiere of Faust (Margarete), in Paris, France.
Milii Balakirev (1883) 135 years ago
Premiere of Tamara, in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Antonín Dvořák (1896) 122 years ago
Premiere of the cello concerto in b minor op. 104, in London, England, with Dvořák conducting.
Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari (1906) 112 years ago
Premiere of Die Vier Grobiane, in Munich, Germany.
Bernd Alois Zimmermann (1971) 47 years ago
Premiere of Stille un Umkehr, in Nürnburg, Germany.
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Composer places for tommorrow

Elizabeth Maconchy (1907) 111 years ago