Friday, December 7, 2007 - 00:00 to 01:30

and Old First Concerts Present:
Friday December 7, 2007 at 8 pm
Old First Presbyterian Church
1751 Sacramento Street/Van Ness, San Francisco, CA 94109
$15 General, $12 Seniors (65 and older), $12 Full Time Students

Tickets are available through the Old First Concerts Box Office at (415) 474-1608, online at http://oldfirstconcerts.org and at the door. For more information, please call Old First Concerts box office.

SAN FRANCISCO, December 7, 2007 -- San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra's winter concert seeks to wax from the philosophical to the phantasmagorical through a stream of musical consciousness.


Mark Alburger..............The Wind God
Harriet March Page, Mezzo-Soprano

Michael Cooke.............Symphony No. 3 “Shadows of Japanese Children”

Phil Freihofner..............The Bell Field & excerpt from J. S. Le Fanu's Carmilla
Lisa Scola Prosek, Soprano

Erik Jekabsen...............The Jungle
Erik Jekabsen, Trumpet

Lisa Scola Prosek........Dream Morphine from the Opera Trap Door
Maria Mikhenyenko, Soprano & Clifton Romig, Baritone

Jonathan Russell..........Double Bass Clarinet Concerto
Squonk Duo

"and the sea the sea in Harriet March Page's The Wind God set by Mark Alburger crimson sometimes like fire in Michael Cooke's Symphony No.3 "Shadows of Japanese Children" and the glorious sunsets of two movements entitled "Where has the Shadow's Father Gone?" and "The Mountain of One Thousand Good Fortunes is Ablaze!" and filigree of two works by Philip Freihofner as a garden of sound design in The Bell Field yes and you shall die-sweetly die- into lustrous eye of Carmilla sung by Lisa Scola Prosek and pink and blue and yellow flashes of house jazz for Erik Jekabsen's rosegardens in The Jungle and the musical jessamine and geraniums and cactuses of Dream Morphine from Trap Door as Flower of Lisa Scola Prosek with Maria Mikheyenko and Clifton Romig yes when Jonathan Russell put the bass clarinet in his mouth as half of the Squonk Duo for his Double Bass Clarinet Concerto or shall we say yes and how we listened at 8pm, Friday, December 7, and we thought well at Old First Church in San Francisco and then we asked them with our ears to ask again yes with the San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra and then we asked them would they say yes to new music and first we put our ears around the music yes and drew it in so we could feel our minds all expanding all perfume yes and our hearts were going like mad and yes we said yes said yes we will Yes" [with apologies to James Joyce].

Alburger, Cooke, Freihofner, Jekabsen, Prosek, Russell

Event place: 
1751 Sacramento Street/Van Ness, San Francisco, CA 94109

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