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Residence of the kings of Prussia — music life especially during the reigns of Friedrich II (Frederic the Great, 1740–86) and Friedrich Wilhelm II, III, IV (1786–1861) — Bach visited the king in 1747 in the City castle (Musikalisches Opfer!) and played the Joachim Wagner organs of Heiliggeistkirche and Garnisonskirche; all these buildings were demolished in DDR years — Mozart met J.P. Duport in 1789, missed the king — FP Sommernachtstraum by Mendelssohn in 1843 — After the destruction of the theatre from 1795 some operas were performed in the Hans-Otto-Theater, but its futurist successor (2006) offers mainly spoken drama.

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Friedrich II -

Image for Schloß Sanssouci park Sanssouci Potsdam



Image for Freundschaftstempel park Charlottenhof Potsdam







Image for 'Blankenbornhaus' Am Bassin 10 Potsdam


Image for Alter Friedhof Heinrich-Mann-Allee Potsdam

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