Premieres heute

Johannes Brahms, Clara Schumann (1854) vor 164 Jahre
Premiere of Brahms' piano sonata no. 3 in f minor op. 5, in Leipzig, Germany, with Clara Schumann at the piano.
Leos Janacek (1921) vor 97 Jahre
Premiere of Katja Kabanova, in Brno, Czech Republic.
Zoltan Kodaly (1933) vor 85 Jahre
Premiere of Dances from Galánta, in Budapest, Hungary.
Wolfgang Fortner (1972) vor 46 Jahre
Premiere of Elisabeth Tudor, in Berlin, Germany.
Roger Sessions (1981) vor 37 Jahre
Premiere of Concerto for Orchestra, in Boston, USA.
Gyorgy Ligeti (1986) vor 32 Jahre
Premiere of piano concerto (parts 1 and 3), in Graz, Austria.
Peter Wallin (2005) vor 13 Jahre
First performance of "The Whatever Variations"
Vanessa Lann, Reinbert de Leeuw (2008) vor 10 Jahre
Premiere of the cello concerto "Divining Apollo", by the Schoenberg Ensemble with Reinbert de Leeuw conducting