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Dear [simplenews-subscriber:user:field-real-name] ([simplenews-subscriber:user:name]),

Good news for those of you who have always wanted to be able to edit their own or other pages on the website. This is now possible! There are several options:

You are a composer

If you are (representing) a composer who already has a page on the Musicalics website, you must let me know what account you use. I will then make you the owner of it, so that you can edit your own page, and add new compositions to your composition overview.

You regularly want to add information

If you know a lot about classical music, and think you can add or correct information on the website often, then that is also possible. Just write me a short note about your plans, telling me a bit more about yourself, and explaining me how you can contribute. I will then give you permission to edit all composer and composition pages on the site.

Leave your comments

Everybody who is logged in on the website can now also leave comments without needing permission to edit a page. You will find a comment form near the bottom of most pages.

Adding concert announcements

Several people have already found out how to add their concert announcements to the website. This is a free service for all members of Musicalics. You can read more about it in the previous newsletter.


I am still in the process of translating the website. You can help me with this by sending me suggestions for untranslated parts, or for texts that are translated incorrectly.

Support the website

I offer this website as a free service for all classical music lovers. You can support the site by letting your friends know about it, by creating a link from a site you own to (or a subpage), by adding content to it (as described above), but also, e.g., by ordering your sheet music via the links to Sheet Music Plus on my website.

Update old links to the website

Some of you may still have links from their website to my old website (the Classical Composers Database). These should still work, because they are automatically redirected to Musicalics, but it would be better if you changed these links to their equivalents on Normally it should be sufficient to change only into, and leave the rest of the URL (if present). I would be grateful if you could spend a little time on this.

Your editor,
Jos Smeets


I would like to add compositions and concerts to Wim Henderickx's page. I already tried to add new symphonic music, but don't see where I can add 'the Genre' of the work?
Thanks and all the best,

There seems to have been some confusion as how to add the genre of a composition. I have changed the layout of the page where you can add a composition, so that this is now - hopefully - clearer.

You can add concerts when you choose "Concerts" from the menu on the top, and then "Add concerts". You have to be logged in to be able to add concerts!

Hope this works now. Let me know if you need more help.